wealth related services

Fiducia Wealth uses an ongoing process that analyses an individual’s personal financial objectives alongside developments in financial markets and regulatory, legal, tax and fiscal environment to determine Client’s optimum investment profile. Client’s wealth would then be allocated using a combination of investment styles and asset classes. Individual investments would be chosen in line with the agreed investment strategy and on specific instructions of our clients. The selection of instruments is based on a systematic process of research and client’s individual preferences. It is important to integrate Risk Management (financial risk of death or ill health) with Investments and is an integral part of investment process.

Client Objective

Understanding Client's objectives his her long term goals and an assessment of their financial needs is what we think and believe forms the basis for and investment process. There is a need for Monitoring regular Cash Flows, Portfolio Growth and updating the client periodically’ generate a periodic asset report, analysis and review meetings with the clients. We also incorporate the importance of working effectively with other professional advisers, such as Solicitors and Accountants.

Liquidity is the key

While the return from an asset class is important at the same time liquidity is equally important. The recent liquidity crunch driven credit crisis which lead to the meltdown of the greatest Wall Street firms has highlighted this fact even more. We pay equal attention to this aspect of Investments in our decision making.

Strategy Vs Tactics

It is important to focus on long term objectives, strategies and asset allocation plan; we also leverage our expertise to present to our Private Clients with well researched unique investment ideas.

The elite “idea flow” from our established network of service providers, and valuable private and institutional clients; we are in unique position to cross – introduce investment ideas from time to time, often providing access to unique ideas on an exclusive or syndicated basis.

Qualitative judgement sharpens the view

No mathematical model can fully incorporate all factors that influence an individual’s asset allocation plan. For this reason, we also spend a great deal of time discussing each client's desire for liquidity, your investment perspective, and other qualitative issues that must be considered before executing an investment program.